Bad Dog and Superhero

2014 • 72 minutes
16 reviews
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About this movie

Bad Dog and Superhero are absurdist buddies whose “Sometimes piss, sometimes fly” attitudes color this neo-realistic, present day Hollywood. The director creates an American-Goddard, un-LaBoehme cinema of the absurd. An urban Rosencrantz and Gildenstern in a Hollywood that has nothing to do with the cliches. These two Don Quixote’s set out to do good in the world through crass yet innocent means and by fluke, and simple desire, they actually do good. “Doing good doesn’t always look good.”
16 reviews
Tony DuShane
September 8, 2014
I watched it once and liked it. I watched it twice and loved it, but I didn't know why. The third time I watched it I realized there's a message underneath the music and comedy. This is a fun film and must see. It's like the first time I saw "Polyester" by John Waters. It took me a little while to figure out, then I was hooked and showing every friend possible.
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Kenneth Hughes
September 30, 2014
It's Monty Python & Tarantino's love spawn w/ John Waters sprinkles! It's a nutty Underground Musical that is equal parts of Naughty and of Honorable. There are a number of famous people hidden all over this film before they were famous if you can find them. This Burning Man from a relatively hidden Hollywood collective of artists and merrymakers was nailed by one reviewer when he called it the Americanized Pre - Flight of the Conchords. The Mighty Boosh would feel at home dining on this pile of shenanigans. Mark Hart (Crowded House, SuperTramp, ComboNation) did the score and Tony award winner Christian Hoff stars in this spirited messy departure from the mass produced everything out there. They are the Bad Dog and Superhero in all of us.
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A Google user
September 10, 2014
Great fight choreography mixed with hilarious nonsensical random dialogue. The intense conviction of the actors' performances carry the day, plus, it wouldn't be a Ken Hughes production without a "sex in a public bathroom" scene! Ole!
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