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2000 • 93 minutes
792 reviews

About this movie

The Devil's never been so hot or hilarious! Brendan Fraser is a hapless, love-starved computer technician who falls prey to sinfully sexy Elizabeth Hurley when he agrees to sell her his soul in exchange for seven wishes. But the sly Princess of Darkness has more than a few tricks up her sleeve. And before you can say Fire and Brimstone, Elliot's life becomes a hysterical hell on earth.

Ratings and reviews

792 reviews
abdulghani jaha
April 17, 2022
نمتعاتتتالنااانااتلتاااتاااتللببلبءلءؤاالءليلابتررؤاؤرؤءؤىؤئلؤؤئؤةااءنلنرترموة يا ثم يم يم ا ما ت لا لبليل. ال ا بل رب يا ها عن و اهل بل ع انت ها
A Google user
July 11, 2018
Aku suka nhentod nya tapi lebih baik janhan bawa uler bahaya
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Naswa A F
September 8, 2021
Ih jorok banget jadi orang udah mah ngabawa-bawa uler katempo auratna deuih tong di tonton ya film nya dosa haram lagi, jorok banget jadi orang tuh ih
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