Billy Elliot

2000 • 110 minutes
153 reviews
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About this movie

Billy Elliot is the triumphant and heartwarming story of an 11-year-old boy from a working-class family who discovers a passion for dance that will change his and his family's lives forever.
153 reviews
Nyte Nyte
May 30, 2017
There are certainly parts to this movie I relate to having grown up with arts and music. The story drives us to understand that growth in people who might change our own mindsets regardless about the priorities we face as day to day people is very possible. In this setting, this movie very poignantly reflects that through the change of perspective of the characters in the story line, and through the struggle to learn about acceptance of another person's inner self-confidence, the momentum leads one towards understanding of how the agony of bearing personal and filial values to support a family unit can be detrimental to one self and to one's home. How we support those values to foster self-confidence, for ourselves or others, is what this film truly meant to me and how it related to my life upon reflection. A very splendid movie everyone should watch at least once. I will be keeping this in my collection forever.
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John Pearce
August 30, 2020
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Bobby Maldonado
December 21, 2014
Fun movie. I thought the subplot of the labor vs management gave it another layer in an already " cheer for the underdog" theme
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