Black Sabbath

2013 • 92 minutes
10 reviews
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This is the night of the nightmare - Not Since 'FRANKENSTEIN' Have You Seen Such Horror! - A story that goes beyond the boundaries of the Supernatural to the half-world of the living dead. Where a woman's soul inhabits a fly's body, where Vengeance is only a voice and where vampires suck only the blood of those they love dearest. Not Since 'FRANKENSTEIN' Have You Seen Such Horror! With original trailer!

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10 reviews
stoo gill
November 14, 2019
This is the Italian version. Not the English one as stated. There are two very different versions of Black Sabbath: Bava's original Italian cut and the American International Pictures cut. In order to make the film more marketable to western audiences, AIP changed Boris Karloff's introductions, re-arranged the order of the stories, gave the film a whole new score, and even re-edited several scenes. Don't waste your money if you don't speak Italian. No subs either.
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Lynn Sterling
October 17, 2020
This movie is actually a 5 and one of my favorite horror movies of all time! How can you miss with Karloff and Bava! You think with enough people asking for their money back (which I had refunded) they would either change the description or get the correct version! Get it together Google Play!!!!
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Matt Allan
October 8, 2023
No option for English subtitles? No option for any subtitles? Ok Google, billion dollar industry, can't even get close captioning or subtitles on a movie they offer.
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