Blue Lagoon: The Awakening

2012 • 89 minutes
418 reviews
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Blue Lagoon is a classic love story about two young adults who fall in love despite all obstacles. Emma and Dean are two ordinary teenagers who travel with their school to Trinidad for a charity project. Emma is your 'good girl next door' type of girl, but she has a crush on a cute boy which makes her break the rules for once in her life and that fatal decision will carry on to change her life forever. Dean is your typical bad boy, who is sent on the trip to make extra credit so he can graduate high school. Emma and Dean are worlds apart before departure but this life changing trip makes their lives take a completely new turn, something that they never had imagined possible. There is a big storm one night and Emma and Dean end up stranded on a deserted island, alone but together. They are stuck on the island and they have no choice but to work together in order to survive. As they manage to survive on the island their relationship develops. But will they ever get off the island and can they ever have a normal life together?

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418 reviews
Kelly Bauder
November 20, 2014
This is the third and best version of "Blue Lagoon" I've seen. It's the modern day story of two teens who become lost at sea, marooned on an island, grow dependent on each other and are rescued. It was business as usual when they got back to their former lives where their love is put to the test. A great movie.
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kristen smith
January 7, 2015
It was pretty good. I wish it showed more time with them on the island and the ending could've been better. Nothing beats the first one but this is worth watching.
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Lana Kuffler
October 13, 2015
I am guilty of loving this one. I also got a kick at the director's "nods" at the original story line. In the book, they both end up with a son on the island and all three end up eating poisonous berries that put them in a coma. Both parts of tge original story were acknowledged in PG-rated conversations between the two, but as someone who loved the book, it was totally noticed. Haha
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