1985 • 131 minutes
315 reviews
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Hailed for its groundbreaking visual effects and satirical story, Brazil is one of the most highly regarded films of all time and a bona fide cult classic. Jonathan Pryce stars as Sam Lowry, a grey-suited government clerk who finds his life turned upside-down when he gets involved in a case of mistaken identity. Categorized as an enemy of the state, Sam is propelled into a surreal romance with the woman of his dreams, who may also be a terrorist. Co-starring Robert De Niro and Michael Palin, director Terry Gilliam's modern masterpiece is a pitch-black comedic look at a "perfect" future where technology reigns supreme. (Original Title - Brazil)
315 reviews
Cloud i9
February 28, 2015
Quite simply, when I saw this film some 20 years ago, it was immediately one of my favorite films of all time. What I didnt know was that much of the dark comedy would be come less comedic as the years passed and more accidentally a comment on our current state of affairs. All I can think of now is our own homeland security and Edward Snowden. It is absolutely not only a must see for filmmakers and film lovers, it's a must for everyone. Just buckle up cause it ain't a fun ride -for a very necessary reason.
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Brent D.
December 1, 2014
I loved it, some film snobs I know didn't because it has some cliché moments but I like it's subtle humour like scenes in the restaurant when they pick different food from the visual menu but all their food looks the same pile of inorganic slop. It's political satire was pretty bang on, the love story was weak fluff but it was meant to contrast the bleak world and blind control everyone was oppressed with.
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Dan Henderson
January 27, 2021
I accidentally found this on an old VHS recording as a kid. I was blown away by the message and world they created. As the years pass and the Gov grows I appreciate it's brilliance all the more! Top 3 all time favorite.
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