Bridge of Spies

2015 • 141 minutes
391 reviews
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Tom Hanks stars in BRIDGE OF SPIES, the new thriller from director Steven Spielberg. Inspired by true events, BRIDGE OF SPIES is the remarkable story of James Donovan (Hanks), a Brooklyn attorney who finds himself thrust into the centre of the Cold War when the CIA sends him on the near-impossible mission to negotiate the release of a captured American pilot. BRIDGE OF SPIES captures the essence of a man who risked everything, and vividly brings his personal journey to life.
391 reviews
Butterfly Kisses
May 2, 2016
Reading the blurb, the content sounded dry and I must admit I initially picked this up because I am a Tom Hanks/Spielberg fan. In either direction you go between these two consummate professionals, typically and consistently they just 'get it right'. Yet again, neither disappoints. This reliable consistency however, does not overshadow Mark Rylance's portrayal of the always-in-control Soviet spy Rudolf Abel. Rylance is most deserved of his Oscar win but you be your own judge.
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September 7, 2020
As a German born and now a resident ofAustralia I so remember the cold war, if we didn had the CIA and the British underground Spies, the ex Soviet union would have invaded the whole of Western Europe, Thanks to the CIA we're now free, However from a long distance is another Red Danger who has plenty of Money, the fu**ing China who has given the whole world the Corona Virus, but our Heavenly FATHER has send the Chianice floods, Locusts, a Tyfun and more is on the way for the fu**ing China. 🤑😪
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March 22, 2016
I enjoyed this film and thought it had some solid performances and to learn that the Actor that played the role of Rudolf I Abel, Mark Rylance received an Academy award for his performance I believed that to be well and truly deserved as his character played an honourable soldier was the the role which I had the most sympathy for. I could have given this film four stars in my review because I enjoyed it that much but the playing the propaganda card by having Powers character tortured by the soviets when he was not was when the United States uses the Art of film making as a weapon against the Russians even when they have won the cold war, why? With recent History showing that the Americans use Torture like what we were depicted the savage soviets using in this film in fact is more than likely the methods used by the FBI or CIA as much as it would be used by the NKVD, GRU< KGB or Stasi. Films that depict historical events owe the people played in them the truth be told, the truth for the valiant and truth of the despicable. I watched this film as I picked up the book by By James Donovan which I am looking forward to reading.
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