Burning Dog

2020 • 89 minutes
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About this movie

A young video-game designer, FIVE, is shanghaied by LAPD detectives SMYTHE and WESSON because they believe he's involved in a blackmail conspiracy. Action-packed and filmed in the style of a first-person game, our hero tries to escape custody before he's gunned down alongside his captors. Five's boss has given him one day to come up with a new shooter game or he's fired. An impossible task. He goes to his favorite cafe to come up with a plan over breakfast, which turns out to be the worst decision of his life. He runs into Smythe and Wesson, who are there to retrieve a video clip being used to blackmail a powerful CEO, and they link Five to the conspiracy. They drag Five on a nightmare journey through rarely seen parts of Los Angeles, on the hunt for the blackmailers while evading Russian mobsters and a private contractor hired to put them in the dirt. It will be a miracle if Five makes it out alive and a bigger one if he can keep his job.

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