2017 • 93 minutes
130 reviews
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Stupe (Dave Bautista) and Lucy (Brittany Snow) must navigate through a hail of gunfire and lethal explosions in their Brooklyn neighborhood as Texas attempts to secede from the US in a new civil war.

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130 reviews
Edwin Johnson
September 11, 2017
Could only stand about 20 minutes of this movie and that ended up being 19 minutes to long..I am sure Bautista took this movie for the opportunity to be the lead role opposed to his normal supporting actor roles....Gotta start some where..I personally like him in most of the roles he has played but this movie did not help to further his cause... Unfortunately, I do not see lead actor material, along with the fact he is really limited on where he can go ( action movies only).. Their is not a Dear John role for him.. Anyhow, atleast do not pay money to watch this..
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Wayne Shepherd
September 17, 2017
Anyone with half a brain could see how flawed this movie was. The plot was gritty but, totally unrealistic and I about threw up my dinner with all the shaky camera shots. Bautista was a total wuss and an anti-hero the whole movie, I got tired of his character's wining about five minutes in and it was non-stop till a point near the end, he also needs speech therapy to learn how to enunciate his lines clearer and with more volume . Snow's character was a little more lively but, dumb as a box of rocks. The gunfights and battles looked as if they were done by a group of college kids for video club. Someone really should have consulted a military adviser, at a minimum, before making this movie. There is also a "liberal bent" to this movie that the average American is getting sick of hearing regurgitated by the liberals in Hollywood. All of the invaders were shown as evil "white men" out to get those of color. I may be mistaken but, I don't think I saw a single unmasked invader who was a person of color.
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Joe Smith
September 24, 2017
Well... I decided to go ahead and pay the ( add a penny ) $ 7.00 to see this thing on google play even after reading some of the negative and funny reviews. Not bad for a B grade film with a good premise. Average camera work, no high end special effects, and no heavy hitters in the cast but, I think this may have all been intentional. If they hadn't made this NOW, it may have been in development hell for who knows how long. What they are probably hoping for, is producers who will see it and through a lot of money at a remake with the same characters but fleshed out , higher budget movie. Box office draw actors, better special effects, more detailed plot, longer play time , etc,etc This has happened with a lot of films that started out as low budget features, and were remade into block busters." Sling Blade" comes to mind. Only next time...don't kill off the main characters. They need to survive to tell the tell. kind of like " hunger Games " .
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