Christopher Robin

2018 • 103 minutes
607 reviews
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About this movie

Beloved characters come out of the Hundred Acre Wood and into the city for this big-hearted tale from Disney. What to do when all-grown-up Christopher Robin loses his way? Winnie The Pooh and friends embark on a new adventure in which they remind him—and you—how to laugh again, for “sometimes doing nothing leads to the very best something”. Share the wonder and delight of this new film with your family.
607 reviews
Russell Rogers
October 2, 2020
Beautiful CGI animation that borders on adorable and creepy with a boring story about a guy who lives well while his life also stinks. Poor guy is dealing with trying to save the jobs of his co-workers while his wife (who's aware of this stress) and child decide now is the time to make him feel bad about not spending time with them. Throw in sentient stuffed animals that get themselves in trouble and also guilt him on his life priorities and I'm surprised he didn't snap at the end.
December 29, 2018
Glad to see they look like their original stuff animal versions (as creepy as they looked they didnt give off that empty look as much as their counter part). I only wish Rabbit, Owl, Kanga and Roo went out of Hundred Acre Woods along with Pooh. Even so we both enjoyed it and had a good laugh.
Liz Gaasenbeek
March 3, 2019
While it may seem childish and made for children to enjoy, there are some profound truths for all ages and it's so refreshing to have such an untainted and sweet story the whole family can enjoy together. We all need reminders of the need to not lose our childlike wonder of the world and nature around us and the people we are blessed to have in our lives. Life is a gift and even more when we are present and not just here. Loved this beautiful movie so much.