Closed for Storm

2021 • 77 minutes
123 reviews
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15 years after Hurricane Katrina sits a lasting monument of the devastation. Six Flags New Orleans is currently sitting abandoned, rotting away in the Louisiana swamp. Closed for Storm explores the past, present, and future, to find out how this incredible theme park became frozen in time and left in an endless void of uncertainty.
123 reviews
Documentary District
December 23, 2021
Closed for Storm is just another example of how the bureaucracy of major corporations and government often leave citizens to pick up the pieces when hard to handle situations surface. It's hard to believe that it has been 15+ years since Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the New Orleans area. It's even harder to believe that there are places like the former Six Flags New Orleans (Jazzland Park) that have sat untouched for the last decade and a half. Walls caked with mold, buildings graffitied, ride vehicles stripped of anything valuable, towering rollercoasters that look like they could collapse at any moment, and a sign that has fittingly read "Closed for Storm" have remained in place for the last 15 years. These are just some of the disheartening images Closed for Storm features. In Closed for Storm, several people were interviewed about the abandoned park, each one nostalgic for what once was and what could have been. You can't help but feel the disappointment in a number of the interviewees' tones when it came time to talk about the redevelopment, or lack thereof, of the property. As mentioned, we see bureaucracy show itself near the end of the film when plans for redevelopment of the area appears to leave out the voices of the citizens of East New Orleans and ultimately leave them with no real resolve. Not only was it sad to see the archived footage of people's homes destroyed in 2005, but it was just as sad seeing this same area struggling to bounce back all these years later. The citizens of East New Orleans were promised increased property values and a Disney-like atmosphere, but instead, they were left with views of an abandoned amusement park and a never-ending cycle of unimplemented redevelopment plans. The Film: Closed for Storm is filled with aerial shots of the the former Six Flags New Orleans property, stitched together with home videos from the early 2000s. Much like Bright Sun Films' YouTube videos, we get an inside look at several of the abandoned buildings and observe the damage that Mother Nature has done. Promotional videos are the perfect touch for viewers unfamiliar with the park's significance or history to understand the importance of the former Jazzland. Like the sign that reads "Closed for Storm", the park is frozen in time with several of the office calendars still showing August 2005 as today's date. In Closing: If you have ventured to this film from Bright Sun Films' YouTube page, you're a fan of theme parks, or you familiar with New Orleans/Jazzland history, then this film is perfect for you. For those of you who may not understand the history of Six Flags New Orleans, I would still highly recommend Closed for Storm. The film pieces new footage with old footage in a way that tells a proper story of the park and its history. -The Documentary District-
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Sarah Feldman
July 7, 2021
Jake had me hyped for this the moment he started talking about. I remember sitting in my high school library looking at some of the first photos that urban explorers went and took of the park after the water went down and I have always been fascinated by the park and its history. This is a beautiful documentary and it really showcases the love the residents have for the park and their hopes for essentially a brighter and grander future with the park. I hope this documentary gives this renewed interest into wanting to rebuild rather than destroy. Jake did an absolutely wonderful job. Beautifully shot, wonderful score and excellent interviews.
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August 6, 2021
Soooo good! Really great documentary! If you're on the fence, you should rent's worth it! It's really eye opening and to see the struggles of the ppl who truly are truly to make it better. And to hear the stories of the ppl who have been trying to make it something, but of course gov't. Highly recommend! Plus really good to see the what it has become today
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