2002 • 182 minutes
3.14K reviews
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The son of Zamindar (Landlord) Narayan Mukherjee, Devdas was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He grew up in the lush village of Taj Sonapur, where he spent his childhood with his playmate Paro. They grew up sharing a special relationship. Oblivious to all the differences of status and background, a bond that would never break grew between them. Soon, Devdas is sent to London for his education. Years later Devdas returns. Devdas besotted by Paro's stunning beauty, longs to marry her. But Devdas' father meets Paro's mother with condescending arrogance. It causes a rift between the families and even though Devdas tries to convince his father, his father doesn't relent. Paro then enters into a chaste marriage with a wealthy, much older man, Zamindar (Landlord) Bhuvan, while a shattered Devdas walks towards anguish, alcoholism and Chandramukhi, a stunning courtesan, who passionately loves him. Meanwhile, Paro, performs her worldly duties sincerely, but inside her, she could never forget Devdas. Strange was the fate of Devdas. Intensely loved by two women, who were never meant to be his. One whom he could never love and one whom he could never stop loving.
3.14K reviews
fighting for PEACE
September 11, 2016
I have watched some scenes more that 50 times and try to act like Shah but always failed to do... No one can act like shah sir does. If u don't believe take a mirror...
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Meghal Pandya
July 15, 2017
If you like art, if you are fan of subtlety, if you like good movies, if you have read novel or have seen the Bimal Roy version, that do yourself a favour and stay away from this piece of junk. Devdas is a story about a man who fails in love and finds a solace in booze. It is a flawed character that deserves sympathy or perhaps scorn. But here we have Shahrukh playing Shahrukh, hamming his way through the movie. Nowhere do we feel his pain or the ravages of booze on his body. The story is also about relationship between two middle class Bengali families. However, here we have two families that live in mansions that would put Ambanis to shame. And less said about Kiron Kher's acting skills, better it is. Please save three hours and three dollars of your life.
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Geeta Winsome
May 31, 2016
One of Bollywood's best films. Superb acting, story line and visuals. Was a great hit in India and in Europe (Cannes Festival) when it premiered. Best film, Best actor and Actress. Very emotional and heart wrenching. I became a real SRK fan when I watched this film several years ago. He is one of the world's best actors.
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