Dope Fiend

2017 • 87 minutes
15 reviews
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About this movie

Crooked business developers take advantage of warring drug factions, with their own fiendish plans to take over the neighborhood through gentrification, starting with those very same housing projects. Santiago, drug king to Benton Projects, is an ambitious dark skinned Dominican man, tormented with issues of race and skin color. He kills his own nephew, Oscar, drug king of Elliot Projects, for control of that drug turf. The only one now standing in Santiago’s way of ruling over all three housing projects is Profit, drug king of Lindsey Projects. Notorious for violence, Profit, an African-American with southern roots, battles with his own demons of being the illiterate child of dope fiends, as he tries to prevent his grandmother from being evicted from Lindsey Projects. Santiago becomes fixated on Profit, until Isis, the pregnant Jamaican Rastafarian widow of Oscar, seeks revenge. She forces Profit to take a stance. Now he must fight for his turf, his family and his life.

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15 reviews
fetti Benton
September 5, 2017
There's never been a film that captures the authenticity of todays Bedstuy Brooklyn and all that it encompasses until now. Dope Fiend is a film that many people can identify with.
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Joseph Wilson
August 17, 2018
Movie moved very slow...and poor conclusion
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Jennifer Provost
September 2, 2017
Deep movie! Watched with friends and it sparked great conversation. Acting was superb!
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