Dream Boat

2017 • 92 minutes
16 reviews
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About this movie

Once a year the DREAM BOAT sets sail for a cruise exclusively for gay men. Far from their families, political restrictions and internal boundaries, we follow five men from Poland, Palestine, India, France and Australia on a quest to live an authentic life. The cruise promises seven days of music, dance, sunshine, love and freedom – but the men are also faced with loneliness, doubt and insecurity. In the search for a satisfying future, how many hopes will the DREAM BOAT fulfill?

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16 reviews
Chad Watkins
January 10, 2018
Revealing, Inside and Out I feel that the film was superior work, taking in consideration that the span of the documentary is seven days. I do not know how the director did it, but I think that even the most seemingly superficial of his protagonists show a lot of heart underneath all of the costume changes and after the music dies. I believe that the viewing of the movie is gratuitous yet full of sentimentality. I do not fully understand why the producer did not label the days or gatherings and kept the viewer guessing as to who was in a relationship or not. However, I feel that the necessary details were eventually unraveled. What is the meaning behind the photograph on the mirror? Why did the Polish man elect for Sia's hairdo? Is it always a duty to tell one's parents of his or her sexuality? I believe that one may find out the answers in Dream Boat!
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Will Li
December 24, 2017
culture feast
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