Dude Bro Party Massacre III

2015 • 101 minutes
2 reviews
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About this movie

DUDE BRO PARTY MASSACRE III follows BRENT CHIRINO as he enters the oil-misted halls of the DELTA BI THETA fraternity. Brent isn't just any pledge... he's a legacy. And it's a legacy of death. See, Brent is here to solve the mystery of his identical twin brother BROCK's murder, and he'll do anything to crack the case... even attempt the frat's most daring prank of all time. After the Deltas' senior prank causes two commercial jets to collide over an orphanage, they're punished to a weekend at The Old Sorority House by the Lake. But they're not the only ones there... a mysterious killer named MOTHERFACE lurks nearby. She knows the bros' deepest fears... and she's taking advantage of those fears to pick them off, one by shirtless one, in increasingly gory ways. It's a race against time for Brent to discover the mysteries of his brother's death before Motherface butchers them all!

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2 reviews
Leslie Morris
February 2, 2018
There are a plethora of horror comedies out there, and many self aware entries into the genre will poke fun at their own tropes, but never before like this. The best summary of DBPM3 I could give would be Friday the 13th mixed with Airplane/Flying High mixed with the volleyball scene from Top Gun. The film has one of the highest jokes per minute rate of any I've ever seen: any duds or misses are swiftly forgotten when another joke is laid out less than 10 seconds later. It grabs a hold of your funny bone and mercilessly throttles it, I felt physically exhausted by the end. Even though it is a satire of 80's slashers, most of the jokes are timeless, and don't require extensive knowledge of the genre/time period to understand.