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2017 • 106 minutes
881 reviews
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About this movie

“Dunkirk” opens as hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in.

Ratings and reviews

881 reviews
January 8, 2018
When put alongside movies such as Saving Private Ryan , Fury and other greats I have to say after all the hype surrounding this film I was extremely disappointed. After 30-40 mins I was already checking the time remaining to see how much more of this slow paced lackluster movie was remaining. Rather than making the evacuation look as awful as I'm sure it was , this movie seemed to boil it down to 1 guy getting on many ships each of which sunk before leaving the beach. Lacking in any story of substance , part way through you find yourself scratching your head confused for a moment as out of nowhere your watching the same scene played out by a different actor ... Sometimes completely out of sequence I suspect to pad the length of the movie. There are a few stand out scenes such as a guy laying on the beach trying to shoot a German dive bomber as the bombs are exploding getting closer to him ... But they sadly get overshadowed by such an awful overall watching experience .... Save your money and watch the original
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July 6, 2018
With a huge lack in dialogue, compared to other face paced war movies of today, you would assume that Christopher Nolans Dunkirk would sink (especially with the mishmash of new faces). However, with the far and wide camera angles, the almost monochromatic lighting, and physically story telling used by the marvelous Fionn Whitehead & the subtle, but beguiling, Tom Hardy you get a story telling worth it's weight. Nolan lives up to his fanboy standard with this heart-breaking tearjerker, the split plot lines weave together to great a beautiful climax that although subdued leaves the audience with an almost self-reflective revere. Ones to watch - James D'Arcy who although been on the circuit for a while has finally found a balance of upright English-ness and upperclass compassion, no longer tinged with his usual superiority.
matthew hayward
December 30, 2017
Good film, although I must have been half asleep at the start as the time jumping confused the hell out of me for the first 20 min or so. That said it's a harrowing yet enjoyable view of the Dunkirk escape for some of the 400,000 or so left stranded on the beaches. I found the Tom Hardy spitfire sequence a bit of a stretch considering the plane had no fuel minutes before. But a good movie.