Emo The Musical

2017 • 94 minutes
16 reviews
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About this movie

"Ethan is an Emo. After he was expelled from his private school (following a suicide attempt in the courtyard), he takes his eyeliner, dyed hair and angst-ridden personality to the dilapidated Seymour High. There he meets Trinity, a totally naive but cute Christian girl who is desperate to convert him to Jesus. However, what Ethan really wants is to join the school alternative rock band ‘Worst Day Ever’ and to be part of the Emo clique, led by the enigmatic and dangerous Bradley. After a killer audition, Ethan is in the band, but he can’t stop thinking about Trinity...

With the looming annual State School Rock Competition bringing tensions in the school to an all time high, Ethan is forced to confront the harebrained actions of his friends and question who he has become.

Emo The Musical is a pitch-black comedy about growing up and embracing the weirdo inside you. " 2016 Matthewswood Pty Ltd and Filmfest Limited

Ratings and reviews

16 reviews
Lee Matthews
November 19, 2017
This movie is such a hidden gem. The acting is good, the songs are catchy enough without being cheesy, the dialogue is quick and the story is clever enough to make it new. It’s like Mean Girls but with Emos – you don’t have to be a mean girl or Emo to like it. I gave it four and a half stars.
David Wilson
November 19, 2017
My niece was watching this and I saw it over her shoulder and went out and hired it myself. I laughed so many times with my partner and we hardly ever laugh in movies. It’s got important ideas for young people but also for older people like myself – these kind of stories never get old. It’s smart enough for adults, and kids will like it without necessarily picking up on the dark stuff. Watch it alone, with your kids, let your teens watch it, it’ll make you happy.
Rose D
November 12, 2017
A great fun script and super catchy tunes - this film has plenty of laugh out loud and just pure charm. So clever and likable - I will definitely watch this again.