Finding the Gold Within

2014 • 92 minutes
2 reviews
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About this movie

Six young black men from Akron, Ohio, enter college, determined to redefine society’s images and low expectations. Despite their confidence, the stark reality of being away from home brings a series of crises. Well trained in critical and metaphorical thinking, and unusually articulate about their inner lives, each of the protagonists guides us to his core. Since sixth grade they have been part of an innovative mentoring program called Alchemy that uses mythological stories, drumming and writing. Inthe twice-yearly reunion workshops everyone speaks of his trials and his triumphs with authenticity, intelligence, honesty, and heart. In turns quiet, thoughtful and exuberant, the six protagonists grow before our eyes, whether navigating racial provocations, or seeking support with new friends, estranged fathers, and wise grandmothers.

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2 reviews
nicole gervacio
July 15, 2017
This documentary follows young black men as they transition into manhood...a profound experience in itself, their struggles are interwoven in a time where the Black Lives Matter movement is just beginning. The film offers us a lens that is so intimate, we are able to bear witness to a community in some of their most vulnerable moments. It reminds us the importance of intergenerational relationships and reveals complicated aspects of the black male experience in the United States. Finding the Gold Within awakens empathy and humanity. The journey goes deep, it is painful and dark, but also offers hope for future generations and the future of our culture.
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July 10, 2017
This film represents a welcome change to the perceptions of young African Americans on screen. Karina Epperlein does a masterful job capturing the authenticity, struggles and strife of growing up black in America. The documentary is inspirational and honest, while touching deep into the core of our own struggles. A must watch.
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