Fish Tank

2009 • 122 minutes
75 reviews
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About this movie

FISH TANK is the story of Mia (KATIE JARVIS), a volatile 15-year-old, who is always in trouble and who has become excluded from school and ostracized by her friends. One hot summer's day her mother (KIERSTON WAREING) brings home a mysterious stranger called Connor (MICHAEL FASSBENDER) who promises to change everything and bring love into all their lives.

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75 reviews
Payton Leutner
March 13, 2021
not great. the cinematography is what saved it. the plot was very confusing, nothing seemed to finish (which I think was meant to happen due to the nature of the film). there were many parts where i was just utterly lost.
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Hunter -
April 13, 2013
The movie is shot beautifully, so I give props to the director for that. The acting is also very strong, but the movie is just so boring. Its one of those movies about nothing that concludes very unsatisfyingly.
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Jason Poesl (Circus)
October 13, 2020
how come british films are so much better than american films ifc movie are so low budget but more and more stars are taking a pay cuts and rather do and IFC then a bigger paid Hollywood movie
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