2007 • 114 minutes
37 reviews
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A dishonest used car saleman is caught and must return money to customers, with some surprising results. © 2007 Sherwood Baptist Church of Albany Georgia, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
37 reviews
Clark Stewart
January 11, 2019
A great story that uses the analogy of the flywheel in a car. If the flywheel is broken in a car, then it is not moving. it is a movie that shows when you try to cheat someone it will come back on you. A great scripture that exemplifies that is Luke 6:38. He is a dishonest car dealer who even cheats is Pastor for an extra buck. When he sees the error of his ways, and turns to the ways of God which include integrity and honesty, then he gets the blessings.
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September 15, 2018
The definition may be somewhere around 360p & the acting may not be stellar but the story is good and that's what makes a movie for me. Maybe that's why I have so many low-budget or unpopular films on my favourites list. It's not the acting or quality; it's the redeeming & edifying qualities of the story that count.
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A Google user
February 16, 2019
The Kendrick's first movie ever made; about a man who leatns that if you don't let Jesus guide you in your life, and if you aren't honest; the results can be very costly; but if you learn to submit and give God the glory and let Him work in your life, it all can turn around for the better. That kid in the movie would be years older than me by now and I'm turning twenty in the next few months! :)
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