Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

2009 • 153 minutes
5.07K reviews
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About this movie

Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year--to face a growing danger that may be more than a match for his strengthening powers as a wizard . . .While Death Eaters emboldened by the return of Lord Voldemort wreak havoc in both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds, Harry suspects new dangers lie within Hogwarts. Dumbledore, racing to prepare Harry for a final battle that he knows is fast approaching, brings him on a perilous mission to find the key to unlock Voldemort's defenses. Meanwhile, the students are under attack from a different adversary as teenage hormones rage: Harry's friendship with Ginny Weasley grows into something deeper; Lavender Brown lavishes her affections on Ron; Hermione simmers with jealousy . . . and a box of love potion-laced chocolates ends up in the wrong hands.Academy Award nomination for Best Achievement in Cinematography.

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5.07K reviews
Sam Rothermel
April 2, 2014
This is almost by far the best Potter film to date (and maybe overall). It sets such a tone and mood from the beginning that carries throughout and to the very end, where we all know the story isn't finished and this is all just getting started. This movie goes to show that the producers best move was hiring David Yates to carry the series to its end as he deftly paints a picture that is simultaneously both wondrous and dangerous. Highly recommended.
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Kevin W. Clark
August 7, 2015
It is an Okay Harry potter movie but in terms of a movie has a large number of problems from choppy confused editing in transitions to uncertain direction of scene positioning. Even though I like to examine it separately from the books it's necessary to point out the redundant scenes created by the crew that replaced more necessary key moments created by the author.
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April 5, 2014
No words can describe my devoted love for the Harry Potter franchise. However, I can say that all though, as many may know, the novels are by far more descriptive and much better in general, but none the less, the films are the best of any my young eyes have laid upon. I wish everyone to experience the magic for yourself for these movies, to me, are not mere movies, but a life long love affair. I'd call it a journey, to some that must be an overstatement, but we all have opinions for our various reasons.
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