2010 • 109 minutes
25 reviews
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Jim Sturgess (21, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE) leads a hugely-talented ensemble cast in this sublime British psychological thriller from cult UK director Philip Ridley (THE REFLECTING SKIN, THE PASSION OF DARKLY NOON), who returns to the screen after a 14-year absence. The film follows Jamie Morgan (Sturgess), born with a disfiguring birthmark across his face, which leaves him an outcast in rough East London. While wandering abandoned yards taking photographs, he comes across a gang of thugs and soon discovers that they are something other than human. He then is led into a Faustian deal that will see him become a party to the terrifying chaos around him. Part DONNIE DARKO, part Guillermo del Toro, this dark urban tale takes its audience to the darkest and most violent corners of the human heart. The film also stars Clémence Poésy, Noel Clarke, Joseph Mawle, Eddie Marsan, Luke Treadaway and Timothy Spall, and was produced by Pippa Cross and Richard Raymond.

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25 reviews
Greg Rayfield
June 22, 2018
OMG. Did this movie really do this. It threw in a jump scare with this loud sound of a woman screaming when a guy walked through a curtain door. The movie is good but come on. If it's got to have a jump scare at least make it just a loud sound of something that is really happening in the movie. Don't just throw in scream sound bites that don't even fit what's happening in the scene. I mean that was some cheesy B-movie grade stuff just saying, "okay guy comes through door, CUE - Woman Screaming. Okay good scene guys. That's a wrap."
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Laura Walling
October 13, 2021
This film is gritty and thought provoking. It's a tour of the darker side of our lack of confidence in ourselves and our ability to be heartless to one another.
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Kass Smith
April 10, 2016
Was amazing! Truly one of my favorite movies(:
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