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2007 • 92 minutes
2.95K reviews

About this movie

Based on the top-selling, award-winning videogame franchise, the Hitman is a genetically-engineered, elite assassin known only as Agent 47. His very existence seems to be a sin, but he wages a quiet war to rid the world of evil. He's brilliant, charismatic and charming -- yet reveals little about himself, has no name, and is known only by the last two digits of a barcode tattooed on the back of his head. His hallmarks are a lethal grace, unwavering precision, and resolute pride in his work. But even 47 couldn't anticipate a "random equation" in his life of exactitude: the unexpected stirrings of his conscience and the unfamiliar emotions aroused in him by a mysterious Russian woman.

Ratings and reviews

2.95K reviews
Andrey Okhota
December 8, 2015
Я все части прошел! А в 2006 вышла Blood Money, а помню в 2007 ждал так этот фильм! Без разговоров твердая пять!!!
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Joaquin Yrrarazabal
December 28, 2014
Los juegos son parte de la vida como las peliculas, pero es como un iman, sus lados opuestos se repelen, pues eso es lo que pasa con las peliculas y los videojuegos, no deben juntarse a menos que sea para crear un vinculo entre el juego y la pela, o para crear una historia despues del videojuego, pero esta pela esta en el umbral de estos dos mundos, ojala que el remake sea mejor
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Артём Zh [artveq]
July 5, 2014
Нет русских субтитров. И вообще бред, 90% фильмов без русского или украинского, и самое неприятное что нельзя поставить фильтр по языку.
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