Hounds of Love

2017 • 108 minutes
9 reviews
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About this movie

John and Evelyn White, a seemingly average suburban couple, have a perverse secret. 16 year old Vicky sneaks out one night and never returns home. Who let the dogs out? 2016 Factor 30 Films.

Ratings and reviews

9 reviews
Cat Whiskers
January 30, 2021
What would it look like from the inside, of a suburban kidnap and sexual hostage situation - this is it. How do these situations sit right under our noses and shock us when it comes to light - this is it. Low fi - no over the top drama - no showboating of the unnecessary graphic - just plain, simple, disordered people playing out their emotional trauma and control on innocent others. The character composition of the killers is brilliant - you can see the power play, the emotional entrapment, the grandiose self, the projected guilt, the game at always wanting to be in power, Domestic Violence and depravity in the burbs. Law enforcement played the expected part, which highlights the other reason why this stuff goes on right under out noses. The ending was not what I was expecting, but a relief, as the victim gives such a powerful display of what she was feeling, thinking and really needed.
Lisa Laidley
February 10, 2021
Due to recommending this to friends its the fourth time Ive watched this brilliant movie. Each time I forget about the dog scene in it and close my eyes and block my ears (I haven't seen it once yet)
A Google user
November 23, 2017
Not as centred on torture as some reviews suggest, but disturbing and challenging from start to finish. Well written and directed, the film is driven by three great performances by its leads; Emma Booth is outstanding.