Inherent Vice

2014 • 148 minutes
1.13K reviews
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About this movie

Inept pot-smoking private investigator Larry 'Doc' Sportello cruises 1970s Los Angeles in search of easy money, free love and laid-back good times. But when his ex-girlfriend goes missing, Doc takes on his most baffling case ever and journeys into the dark heart of the City of Angels to get her back.

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1.13K reviews
Jake Brown
June 1, 2018
There are definitely some things missing from the novel that Paul Thomas Anderson's adaptation is based on, but overall, the acting, the atmosphere, the music, and the plot all retain prominent and important roles within the film. A lot of the plot is still intact, and it comes across beautifully. For those who may still be confused at the ending, I'd highly recommend reading the book -- there is a lot of subtext about American government and the way they work against popular movements, as well as the way culture changes, that isn't in the film. That being said, this is still a good adaptation and definitely great for fans of Pynchon's work. Still, though, read the book before seeing the film. It's much more vast, man.
Quade Carter
August 20, 2015
Definitely a wonderful film. Take it in as it is. I understand that the storyline is very complicated and convoluted, but if you enjoy the movie for the aesthetics and laughs, you will enjoy it a ton. I bought this movie for $9 at walmart when it first came out and didn't really like it upon first watch (mainly because I couldn't follow the story and it left my confused). I rewatched it again today on my day off and loved it. Go with the flow and appreciate the cinematography, witty dialogue, laughs, and soundtrack and it'll be sure to be a hit. One of the greatest movies of 2014.
Matt Phillips
February 23, 2015
Almost impossible to follow, characters come and go with no introduction, development or explanation, the editing is choppy and schizophrenic, the acting comes across like everyone is huffing ether... I went into this movie wanting and expecting to love it, but it ended up being one of the worst things I've ever wasted my time watching.
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