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Innocents In Paris

1953 • 90 minutes

About this movie

A classic comedy featuring a varied collection of British tourists away on a wild and wonderful weekend in Paris in 1953, where each character finds that the city welcomes them and changes their lives in different ways.An English diplomat (Alastair Sim) is on a working trip to obtain an agreement with his Russian counterpart; a Royal Marine bandsman (Ronald Shiner) has a night out on the tiles after winning a pool of the French currency held by all the Marines in his band; a young woman (Claire Bloom) is wined and dined by an older Parisian man (Claude Dauphin) who gives her a tour of Paris; an amateur artist (Margaret Rutherford) searches out fellow painters on the Left Bank and in the Louvre; a hearty Englishman (Jimmy Edwards) spends the entire weekend in an English-style pub; an archetypal Scotsman and Battle of Normandy veteran (James Copeland) finds love with a young French woman.Also featuring cameos from Kenneth Williams and Christopher Lee. Directed by Gordon Parry.

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