2013 • 78 minutes
4 reviews
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About this movie

Chicago detective Guy Shelby has spent his promising young career working by the book and upholding the law at all costs. This all changes when his father, a revolutionary forensic pathology, is murdered shortly after he unveils a device that is certain to change the face of criminology forever. As the search for the killer proceeds, a string of high profiles murders begin to occur in Guy's back yard. As his world is turned upside down, the distinction between the hunter and the hunted becomes unclear.

Soon nobody can be trusted...

Shot as a live-action video game, Insanity is one of the most groundbreaking films to come along in years. Filmed entirely on location in Chicago, where government corruption, contract killers, and federal cover-ups build suspense from the opening frame until the closing credits. This gripping, high-action thriller delivers exhilarating, fast-paced entertainment as you are taken inside one of the most feared groups of assassins in the country. Hidden forensic evidence, secret task forces, and murder all intertwine in this psychological mind-bender.
4 reviews

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