Iron Sky: The Coming Race

2019 • 92 minutes
21 reviews
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Less than 30 years after a nuclear war ravaged the Earth, what's left of humanity lives in a crumbling base on the Dark Side of the Moon, but they can't survive here much longer. The Moonbase's leader, finds a glimmer of hope: an ancient map pointing into the Hollow Earth. Now A Russian Pilot and her best friend venture to the center of the ruined planet to face the army of dinosaurs guarding humankind's last hope for salvation: the Holy Grail.

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21 reviews
Samantha Knight (Pale Horse)
August 2, 2019
Really enjoyed the first movie. This felt like the bleh parts of the first movie expanded with out much of the wit and charm that made the first one great. Get this on sale if you were excited to eventually see it like me. I wouldn't recommend this movie at full price.
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Molly LaPonsa
December 1, 2019
I loved this sequel to the first Iron Sky! It is so funny. So many layers of political, religious & pop culture satire! I loved both movies. We are Very big fans of these movies. The special effects & the production were top notch! I am American & I Love the satire that points out all of the "bunk" that America spits out at the rest of the world. I loved the actors & characters portrayed. Great art direction as well. To everyone that was a part of these movies, I applaud you!
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Zachary Lennard
July 22, 2019
I thought this was as great as the first film, however, i have two issues with the film. In the marketing campaign, it was shown that Jesus was a Vril, however, the character was either excluded from the film, due to religious protest, or cut out during post production. The editing, while much smoother than the first film, shown multiple characters that would've had backstories or development, as in multiple Vril characters. I hope the the final film in the trilogy does get made.
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