Jack Frost (1998)

1998 • 101 minutes
123 reviews
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About this movie

Michael Keaton stars in this fantasy adventure about a man who becomes a real father to his son after returning to life. A year after his father's death on Christmas Day, a young boy builds a snowman and dresses it with his father's hat, scarf and gloves. That night, the boy's wish comes true: His father returns to life--as the snowman.

Ratings and reviews

123 reviews
Mark Mitchell
December 24, 2021
Just a good all around movie. Good for all. Good story some good music, yes sad a little but also a great lesson at Christmas or anytime of year to let us know what really matters. 👍
Kylie Anderson
December 4, 2017
Wonderful! The story is interesting, effects are astounding, and last but not least, acting was superb. Surprising to see that Keaton, who mostly made comedy movies prior to this, can also do drama. A very touching, tear-jerking movie that also has some humorous moments. I have watched it with my family every year and it never fails to bring a tear to anyone's eyes. You might want to watch with a box of tissues.
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Marc Langevin
December 1, 2021
Great movie, little suspense little excitement a little adventure, great for anybody who likes Christmas movies they acting as great it's kind of an emotional roller coaster I would recommend it to anybody, especially if you have older kids. It does deal with the loss of a loved one