Jeremiah Johnson

1972 • 115 minutes
356 reviews
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Superstar Robert Redford ("Up Close and Personal," "Indecent Proposal") stars in this powerful and unforgettable wilderness epic of a man who turns his back on civilization and learns a new code of survival in a brutal land of isolated mountains and hostile Indians. The Los Angeles Times calls this box-office hit "an uncommon, extraordinarily appealing film experience," directed by Sidney Pollack ("The Firm," "Tootsie") and written by John Milius ("Apocalypse Now," "Magnum Force") and Academy Award-winner Edward Anhalt ("Member of the Wedding," "Panic in the Streets").
356 reviews
Ann Ford
August 11, 2019
The summary of this film--the first line--as if Robert Redford requires film credits for ANYONE to know who he is. Those two choices--were projects he would rather forget--contractual agreements before he turned his back on "Hollywood." I don't need to "review" Jeremiah Johnson, or brag about my connection to it; see other comments. I saw this film on the big screen at about the age of 7 or 8. My older/only brother took me to see the film. The story speaks for itself . . . as does Robert Redford's career as an actor, producer, writer, and artist. Suggestion, Google Play: Hire better researchers/editors to summarize your films.
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David Coppafeel
May 3, 2016
Best Role Redford ever cast in. Not much Hollywood fat on this tale. Yes I've "grown particular" about the stories worth storing in my cranium. If its actually good art, it's gotta mean something personal pilgrim. Otherwise it digresses to what is so often shoved in our face these days: cinematic masterbation with high tech computer generated nonsense for lubrication. Not much story there.
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Andrew Schlosser
September 1, 2014
A MUST OWN FOR ANYONE WHO THINKS OF THEMSELVES AS A MOVIE FAN. I wish I could have lived in those days. Where men were men, women were women, and a man could make his own way in the world. Not only surviving but thriving, and doing it all with what's between his ears and in his heart. Those guys must have had balls of steel! And the size of grapefruit!
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