Kill Dil

2014 • 118 minutes
1.15K reviews
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About this movie

Once upon a time in North India, two killers – Dev and Tutu, roamed free. Abandoned when young and vulnerable, Bhaiyaji gave them shelter and… nurtured them to kill!

All is normal in their lives until destiny throws free-spirited Disha into the mix.

What follows is a game of defiance, deception and love.

Played by Ranveer Singh (Dev), Ali Zafar (Tutu), Parineeti Chopra (Disha) and Govinda (Bhaiyaji), Kill Dil is an entertaining thriller about guns and romance.
1.15K reviews
milin patel
May 24, 2015
This is worst movie.. such a crap.. these guys should disappear from the film industry and go to some island.. PAAPI log.. logo ke paise barbad krne vaale..
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Borsing Borsingterang
July 11, 2022
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January 9, 2015
dnt waste money n time.. This is not a film its Headache big headache.. wasteful... 1 star for govinda
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