Killer Party

2016 • 78 minutes
6 reviews
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About this movie

Nick, an out of work screenwriter, and Mary, a very pregnant struggling actor, are trapped at their baby shower with their equally Hollywood hopeful friends during the onset of a sudden zombie outbreak. Stranded in a tidy suburban home in sunny Los Angeles, the group decides to hunker down until help arrives but there's one problem: they don't know who has been infected until they strike. Not knowing who to trust as their numbers dwindle and with food supplies running low they finally decide to take action. Suited up with duck tape and household weapons the newly emboldened yet lacking group strike out with dramatic fervor as they stumble their way through locked front doors, a misplaced can opener, and deadly zombies to save the day.
KILLER PARTY is a three-time festival winner for Best Feature, as well as, winner for Best Comedy, Best Ensemble, and Best Director.

Ratings and reviews

6 reviews
Ian Tomeo
August 19, 2016
Not really that funny, when the clown appears he says like 3 lines of not really that funny of jokes. I feel like more zombie human things would have attacked the uninfected through the windows of the house because they didn't even try to barricade and the infected had decent intelligence still as they were able to talk and still make sense. I do not think "killer party" is an apt name for this movie either. It should've been like "Killer Suburban Friends" as the baby shower did not last long it was just the beginning of the movie. My recommendation to the makers of this movie is to keep the amount of gore used as that is acceptable however if trying to make a funny movie get better writers try and use more sarcasm, ironic deaths, and at least an ending where your not sure that everyone is going to die during the credits as that is what separates a tragedy from a comedy. Good examples being the movies "Shaun of the Dead " and "Cooties".
A Google user
August 17, 2016
Really fun movie. It's smart, funny and will have you on the edge of your seat. Great cast and crew. I highly recommend it!
Wanda Phillip
June 3, 2020
My fav movie, early 90ty