1944 • 88 minutes
93 reviews
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Based on the novel by Vera Caspary, this classic noir mystery about the disfiguring murder of the title chatacter (Gene Tierney) has a detective (Dana Andrews) falling in love with the portrait of the falllen femme fatal. He looks to a trio of suspects to solve the bloody crime; a newspaper critic (Clifton Webb), Laura's playboy fiance (Vincent Price) and Laura's socialite aunt (Judith Anderson). The mystery is turned on its head when the still very alive Laura reappears. The movie is directed by legendary director Otto Preminger and features Oscar-winning cinematography.

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93 reviews
Katherine Schoonover
May 27, 2014
A dark drama that looks at the complex relationship between an older man helping a younger woman to be successful. She becomes his muse and they develop a relationship of mutual reliance. He falls madly (literally) in love with her and when she doesn't return his love he tries to destroy her. It is an interesting look at a woman who is torn between accepting help that she needs from a man who is in love with her but who she does not love in return and struggling to be successful alone. It is an old story and one that many women struggle with
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Mim Lo (Mimlo)
September 11, 2016
Intriguing mystery. Dana Andrews was a wonderful actor, underrated. Gene Tierney was lovely. From the golden age of Hollywood. Also a haunting score. Good to double with "Sunset Boulevard." P.S. People give away too much with their synopses. (🚫spoilers!) Let the plot unfold as you watch.
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Laura Russell
September 26, 2014
I have an older customer who comes into my work sometimes and he always asks me if I've seen this. I felt bad for always telling him no, but I can finally tell him yes and I loved it!
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