Leading Ladies

2011 • 102 minutes
10 reviews
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About this movie

A zany comedy about two sisters, their gay best friend, and their overzealous stage mom. When one sister gets pregnant and the other plans to waltz out of the closet, the family must hustle to maintain their status quo in the harsh arena of competitive dance.

Ratings and reviews

10 reviews
November 15, 2020
I love this movie. Is it perfect? No, it clearly didn't have a huge budget, the acting is often overdramatic. But I first saw it when I was a thirteen year old baby gay, and it is still one of my favorite movies. It's funny, there are a lot of great dance scenes, and the soundtrack is wonderful. Most importantly, it has a lesbian romance that doesn't involve cheating on a male partner, and neither of them die tragically at the end. It's a silly comedy about self-discovery and ballroom dancing. Just watch it. You'll have a good time.
Aleida Roman
September 12, 2014
It wasn't bad. It had its funny moments as well. So defiantly a movie I'd recommend to watch.
Audrey Clifton
July 11, 2013
A very sweet movie how many lesbian movies can be fun, postive and entertaining at the same time not many but this one does!