Loose Change 9/11

2015 • 51 minutes
111 reviews
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September 11th, 2001. An event and a day many will never forget. However, for a growing population this event did not occur during their lifetime, but is merely a footnote in a new history book. Loose Change 9/11 serves as an alternate history book, setting out to ask the hard questions from that fateful day. Combining the four existing editions into one and incorporating new footage released to the public, this high definition version will hopefully leave you looking at September 11th, and the world, differently. Narrated by Daniel Sunjata of FX's "Rescue Me" with an original score by Mic Cartier.
111 reviews
brady pepion
January 28, 2018
This documentary should be considered fictionional narrative which focuses on a story that expects it's viewers to be naive and gullable. It's whole narrative is rife with misinformation, facts taken out of context, and a alternate storyline that has it's place on unicorn island with faeries and dragons. And it's whole story is blown apart if you have ever worked in a metal shop before. As steel is heated it becomes extremely flexible putting more and more weight on the rest of the structure breaking all the additional supports until the building gives way and collapses. It's basic fact, and structural engineers can secure all day but the simple fact is they do not account for every scenario. You can try but no matter what you do the design will always have a weakness or a oversight. Just ask those who design a building that can reflect light into a road or pool and can melt cars or burn people.
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Debbie Coe
October 1, 2019
This movie was absolutely the best, and only real thing you will ever see about 911. I lived there for three years, lost some friends, couple points to make to the Not our Government. Number 1 ever have a bonfire you know the pop can smashed and five bonfires later still there. Steel, brick, cement, windows?? all reduced to ash okay yeah maybe the floor and above the plane, but survivors say about the 40th floor light, and no smoke, so what caused all those floors to disintegrate? Bushes great grandfather was banking for the Nazi's when the war broke out, they took his money and shut down his bank, he vowed he would get even with the America. His grandfather was the body guard winking to president Johnson as Ms. Kennedy signed the papers for Johnson to step in place of her just hours before murdered husband watch the videos. The buildings had been closed a couple of weeks prior for painting and upgrading, hhmm Mr. Bush's nephew was the contractor on the paint job, all documented in the paper work. I suggest you watch some buildings being blown up THEY DO NOT FALL IN ON THEMSELVES. I suggest instead of opening your mouth to stuff YOU DON'T BELIEVE YOU PULL IT OUT AND GET SOME AIR. Have no idea how Bush Senior or Junior were ever allowed to even run for president after the charges brought against the grand dad. And buildings right next to the towers were still standing, but the wtc7 You know the one containing ALL THE FILES OF THE CIA AND FBI clear down the block it too collapses on itself, from a brick or too landing on it's roof. Go back to your Evolution theory, oh by the way NO DNA GENE HAS EVER BEEN FOUND IN ANY HUMAN THAT RESEMBLES A MONKEYS, just so you know. WAKE UP do your research mouthy
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f q
March 31, 2020
The fact this was made by two high school grads is prolific. Amazing, amazing device work for what so many older people couldn't see beyond the media hype / emotions- concerning facts as plain as day like WTC 7 falling for no apparent reason and a cascade of supportive, clear information being presented from an objective perspective. This film can change lives, open eyes, & awaken something within us.
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