2019 • 97 minutes
22 reviews
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In 1989, the Whitbread Around the World Race was considered to be the most dangerous sailing competition on earth. When 26-year-old Tracy Edwards wanted to participate, she was met with resistance and sexism - no team would take her. Left with no other choice, she started an all-female crew, one who would not only take on the vast and foreboding ocean, but also the doubts and attacks from her male competitors and press. In this incredible true story, watch Edwards and her crew attempt to turn the impossible into reality as they take on fifty-foot waves, icebergs and all of the dangers of the great and powerful sea. MAIDEN is a stunning, emotional film that is “a cause for celebration”! (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone)

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22 reviews
Emily Marx
August 23, 2019
How lucky we are that Alex Holmes is such a balanced male ~ with his Yin and Yang in tact and the story he weaves for us through this amazing journey byTracy Edwards- and her crew truck is nothing short but magnificent! Every time I see another interview with Tracy or Tracy and Alex I am always amazed at the pearls of wisdom that she shares, that her mother raised her with. now I have pen and paper every time I watch one because they’re so encouraging I think Tracy Edwards is very special woman, human being and warrior. She inspires us in our lives to take up any goal that we want to achieve and do what we need to do in our lives just as she is learning to do that. I love how humble she is and sweet and you know she’s not Hollywood & that’s what I love about her she’s 100% real . She encourages us to do what we need to do in our lives just as she is learning to do that and I love how humble she is and sweet and that’s what makes her so special this is all coming from her heart and her soul and her life experience and her wisdom !
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Nicolle Taylor
March 15, 2020
A story that needed to be told. Like thousands of other story's of heroic women that have been kept under wraps and continue to be kept under wraps so that Men's ego's are not bruised. Oppression only hold back humanity. When will we learn that Men and Women have more in common than we do different? Heart, will ,desire, determination etc. It's a shame that it took 30 years to tell. Proud just the same. Congratulations & Thank you! :)
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Debra Jury
October 25, 2019
An exciting adventure filled with passion, determination and a raw view into one's innerself. Love the creation of a true team comradarie. Truly yanked at my heart strings.
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