2019 • 85 minutes
49 reviews
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Mosul, Iraq's second largest city is overrun by ISIS fighters and the Islamic State, imposing a reign of terror to the city, as a disgraced and disorganized Iraqi Army retreats to Baghdad. Years later, a revitalized army of Iraqi soldiers and militiamen mobilize to liberate the city. ALI MULA, an Iraqi journalist, joins this army of uneasy allies to find out if they can put aside their sectarian differences and free their country. MULA encounters an unforgettable group of characters ranging from a Sunni tribal leader named "the Crocodile", a militia leader avenging the death of her husband, an Iraqi Army colonel brushing aside sectarian differences, to refugees fleeing from the brutality of ISIS occupation. In the aftermath of Mosul's liberation and back home again in Baghdad, MULA ponders the question: Is the war against ISIS over, or have the seeds of the next sectarian conflict already been sown?

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49 reviews
Adam Reznik
September 18, 2019
Poorly done, 100% fake & staged "documentary." Some scenes are so bad you can't help but laugh. The "military" personnel they follow is full of supposed "operators" - in reality, these booger eaters would be decimated by a 4 person boy scout squad with paintball guns. Fake gunfire audio added in as they run from hut to hut. Maybe it's a comedy? Don't waste your money.
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Edwin Johnson
December 19, 2019
Have to agree with another critic here..The firefight scenes are poorly staged...Been to & fought in Mosul in 05·06. .Countless times in here they drop the ball of ligitimacy as real.. Dont waste your dime
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Ryan Fuller
June 7, 2019
When watching a documentary, and you keep noticing "hmm, this scene just seems staged" you start noticing it more and more. It just doesn't flow like the truth, I feel like it has an agenda. Just like every person they interview. Also basically just sad story after sad story. But when you don't really believe 75% of them, it makes it hard.
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