My Brother's Shoes

2017 • 87 minutes
8 reviews
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About this movie

Family is everything – but just how far will these two brothers go? Dallas is a successful executive with a beautiful wife and a lovely home. He has dreams of having a family and leading a safe conservative life. Austin is his younger gay brother who is always in trouble financially and romantically. He has big dreams of winning first place in the local drag contest and using the money to start a new life.
Each brother thinks the other “has it so good.” By a strange twist of fate, they switch places. The world around them sees no difference. Only Dallas and Austin realize they have switched. Now Austin must handle the office for Dallas and Dallas must spend the day getting ready for the upcoming drag contest with the help of Austin’s sidekick Jackie.
What starts off as a serious and somber scenario of family relations turns into a fantasy of hilarious proportions. The hilarity reaches new heights when evening comes and Austin has to go home to Dallas’s wife who is hot and ready to start making a family with him. And Dallas has to now go on stage in drag and perform for Austin! How far will they go? Mayhem back stage and mayhem in the bedroom merge into one crazy climax!

Ratings and reviews

8 reviews
Tracey Munn
December 7, 2017
Refund? This is a D grade movie. Great reviews on Google? One happens to be the same name as a person who worked on the movie! Good effort but was like watching a movie made by a student.
A Google user
July 25, 2017
I had been hearing some buzz about this movie and although I wasn't sure I'd like it as it's not typically in my genre or wheelhouse of films I usually watch, I thought I'd give it a try. Boy, was I wrong! I LOVED it! It was clearly a great surprise to me, as it was very well done, really good direction, entertaining and I loved the cinematography, the lighting and also the music. It made me laugh, and much to my surprise, it also brought tears to my eyes in certain scenes. The writing was very impressive and moved me, especially since I have a nephew who is gay. Whether you are gay or straight, you will love this movie! I highly recommend it. I'd love to see more of Adam Reeves work . I wasn't familiar with him before this film but I really hope he makes more. You won't be disappointed ! Grab some popcorn and be prepared to smile, be entertained, and also shed a few tears, especially in the well written scene where Jackie talks about his father. Thumbs up for this film!
Simon Evans
July 7, 2017
You can be forgiven at first if the premise may seem familiar (Freaky Friday or Big fans) but this film is not about the generation gap as seen before but instead a body-switch between two brothers. The film flows nicely and introduces some great side characters (like the best friend), some witty one liners (by Austin), classic film references (“Auntie Em…”) and a meaningful undertone with some deep scenes along the way (Blake F.) Original soundtrack complements some funny scenes along the way. An independent film – loads of talent – lots of fun.