Out of the Shadows

2018 • 88 minutes
8 reviews
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About this movie

A newly married detective and his pregnant wife move into their dream home unaware of its dark and twisted history. When Katrina claims their baby is being tormented by a supernatural force, she seeks the help of a renegade demonologist. But her husband Eric decides to take matters into his own hands, and begins investigating to past history of the home in order to save his family.
8 reviews
Kinsley Campbell
June 26, 2018
For those interested in movies like The Exorcist then I highly recommend the horror film Out of the Shadows. Directed by Dee McLachan, this spine-chilling flick takes us into the home of newly married detective and expecting wife. It is here that the nightmare of paranoia unfolds as we watch wife Katrina struggle to maintain sanity as dark spirits thirst for her baby. Drowning in a new home of dark shadows and terrorizing demons, it will take the help of a nearby demonologist to ward off the evil. Out of the Shadows will make you jump out of your skin with its unexpected twists and petrifying ending.
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Marissa Ramirez
June 13, 2018
Out of the Shadows is an ominous film that presents paranoia in a whole new light. Unaware of it’s dark past, a young expecting couple purchase an old house in hopes of turning it into a home for their new family. After learning about the dark secrets that lie within their home, the couple soon find themselves fighting for their family's life. Through the use of eerie music and short glimpses of shadowed figures Out of the Shadows creates an overwhelming sensation of suspense and tension for the viewers. The film takes an interesting twist when themes of hypomania are introduced, Kendall Rae’s performance as Katrina keeps the audience questioning whether what she was experiencing was reality or an illusion. Director Dee McLachlan is successful in fusing together psychological and horror elements to create a truly unpredictable film. This chilling thriller is definitely a must watch.
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A Google user
July 12, 2018
Moving into a new house is an exciting aspect of starting a new chapter in life. Yet sometimes when living in a house you realize you are not there alone. Out of The Shadows is anything but an ordinary paranormal film. Dee McLachan takes her audience on teeth grinding, sitting at the edge of your seat ride with this film. The film score not only added to the excitement to what was going to happen next but it but also left you wanting for more. This film is one to add to the books of best horror film I have seen thus far.
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