1993 • 125 minutes
327 reviews
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Tom Hanks, in his Academy Award-winning performance, stars as Andrew Beckett, a successful attorney at a prestigious law firm, who is suddenly fired from his job. The official reason is incompetence, but Andrew suspects the real motive is the fact that he is gay and suffering from the AIDS virus. Andrew decides to fight back, hiring a lawyer of his own, Joe Miller, who must overcome his own homophobic tendencies in order to win his client's wrongful termination suit.
327 reviews
Savannah Aase
December 12, 2014
Tom did a awesome job both good law an it really makes you stop an take a good look at all of us, we just never no in life. Its a loving an very sad, but very true Store about all of us an Life. It hurts No matter what or who we are. But I try to remember we are all Gods Chrilden. Were all trying to find love an get from day to day. I think its a wonderful movie, an no I'm not. I'm a mama grand mama an was married at 16teen an Believe in my God, he has love is the most important thang.
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Zenn Loo
July 11, 2015
The acting on all accounts in this film is great, beyond great. A long drama to be sure... I want to review this 5 stars because it feels like a very important film. However, high powered dramas like these cause my eyes to glaze over sometimes. An amazing film if you have the stamina for emotionally taxing movies like this.
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David Smith
April 24, 2015
This movie is truly amazing. It shows many aspects of the gay lifestyle, some very happy and some very very sad. The harsh truth of the movie hits close to home because I've seen some of this and my real life.
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