2018 • 99 minutes
35 reviews
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About this movie

A teenage girl and her father travel to a remote moon on the hunt for elusive riches. But there are others roving the moon's toxic forest and the job quickly devolves into a desperate fight to escape.

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35 reviews
Dominic DeMarco
May 31, 2020
Amazing space western. Instead of working with a limited budget, they made it work for them. The acting is such a high quality it should make blockbusters embarrassed. This is not your sci-fi space shooter, but a slower-paced high stakes western style film. A lot of reviews here are reviewing what they wanted it to be, and not what it is. And what it IS is a fantastic movie that used its confines to thrive.
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Nathan Dyson
November 10, 2020
This is an unusual and exciting sci-fi film for those looking for something outside of the norm. This definitely punches above its budget, and the unique visuals alone are enough to keep you engaged. Again, this one's not for everyone, but if the premise sounds even the least bit up your alley, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not watching Prospect.
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Zach Williams
April 7, 2019
It's a fantastic lo-fi space Western. If you're ok with that, then you'll love this move. The pacing is slow and deliberate and the action scenes are quite spare. It's a small story with small stakes, and that absolutely plays in its favor. It's astonishingly well shot and produced for its budget, too. If you're looking for a smaller, character driven movie, then you should watch this.
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