Quiet Please

2017 • 93 minutes
12 reviews
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About this movie

Imagine normal, everyday sounds consuming, and dictating your life... Some of us are annoyed by certain sounds, but when you suffer from misophonia, a neurological disorder, specific sounds trigger adverse physiological and emotional reactions: adrenaline rush, rapid heart rate and sometimes rage. Quiet Please... explores the possible causes and the pioneering efforts to research it, but its primary focus is on the emotional toll it has on sufferers and those closest to them. We interviewed over 40 people in the United States, Germany and The United Kingdom, including: misophonia sufferers, their families, and a diverse group of researchers and clinicians. Hundreds of letters have come in from 22 countries, thanking the film's producers for giving sufferers a voice, but equally as important, many people realized that they have the condition as well and were going through their lives thinking there were crazy and alone; that realization and validation is life-changing. Misophonia, and the film have been well-documented in the press and media around the world, and it has garnered 16 film festival awards and selections so far.

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12 reviews
A Google user
January 16, 2018
So grateful for this film, thank you Jeffrey Scott Gould! I've watched it 3 times, once alone, once with my husband and the third time with my grown children. The first time was extremely emotional as I recognized I am not alone, I am not crazy and I am not an evil, intolerant person. The second time was very satisfying because my already super supportive husband realized it really IS a thing that MANY other people live with. The third time was just fun and gave my kids a deeper understanding of why mom is the way she is! We even laughed at times. This documentary is artfully and thoughtfully constructed so as not to be difficult for miso sufferers to watch, yet poignant enough to make the point that people who deal with extreme sensitivities to sound and other stimuli need to be understood and believed when they share their experiences. I believe this film is both an amazing educational tool and great entertainment at the same time. Absolutely recommend it to everyone!!
michaël Dumais
March 10, 2018
Fabulous documentary about misophonia which is still a not well known disorder but that may concern you or someone you know. Very touching and immersive. Got to see it!! 5 stars !!! Excellent documentaire sur la misophonie, un trouble neurologique encore peu connu mais qui touche plus de gens que ce l'on peu croire, quelqu'un près de vous pourrais en souffrir silencieusement. La première référence de qualité sur le sujet (utiliser Vimeo ou itune pour sous titre francais) Très touchant et interessant à regarder. 5 étoiles !!!
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A Google user
January 6, 2018
Finally, a documentary showing what it is like to live with Misophonia. For decades, many of us living with this disorder have suffered in silence believing we were crazy and different from everyone else. This is a powerful documentary outlining what those of us with Misophonia live with on a daily basis. Please rent/buy and then share the awareness with others.