2017 • 92 minutes
55 reviews
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About this movie

Following a car crash, a man wakes with no memory. As he seeks help, he discovers only dead bodies. He soon discovers the horrible truth; any living thing that comes within a 50-foot radius of him dies instantly.
55 reviews
Claudette Fallin
February 22, 2018
I am addicted to this movie. Can't stop watching it. It is intriguing. Totally different than anything I've ever seen. It keeps me wondering what would I do in that situation. No spoilers. You have to see it. I think it should be a part 2 and 3. It's endless where they could go with this story. Whoever thought this up is pure genius except where is the rest of it. This can't be the end. I keep watching it thinking somehow there will be more. Just my opinion. #Radius
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Tommy Zěitgeist
January 5, 2018
Pretty darn poor. Could have been an ok short story, but not much more material than that. Slow, plodding dialog and a silly "twist" that was irrelevant because you can't possibly care about the characters. Great for a junior highschool production.
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Karras Bommer
November 25, 2017
This movie was so much better than we expected. The lead actors, with names I've never heard before, were quite good and the plot is very, very creative. Here's a hint that is not a spoiler: As soon as you recognize flashbacks, it all comes together.
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