Ram Jaane

1995 • 141 minutes
162 reviews
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About this movie

Ram Jaane is arrested by a security guard after stealing cargo from a train with his best friend. He is shortly released and becomes one of the biggest hustlers in the city. After a deadly shoot-out, he is arrested by a corrupt police official and sent to jail once again. After a few years of serving in prison, he goes back to his friend's place. There he decides to help him raise the local kids in the area so they won't be corrupted by the streets. He falls in love with a childhood friend Bela, but also goes back to his old ways. (CBFC:A 3164)

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162 reviews
Borsing Borsingterang
July 12, 2022
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Sarah Mong
April 9, 2017
One of my favorites, hands down! The dance and song Pump up the Bhangara is my absolute favorite of all of the Bollywood movies I have seen. I never watch movies twice and I have already watched this three times. There is just something about the mixture of joy and sadness that I connected to.
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Tiger Raw
January 9, 2020
Good Ram Jaane means he cannot understand it perfectly while asking his name from a priest of the temple.
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