Ready Player One

2018 • 139 minutes
3.65K reviews
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About this movie

From filmmaker Steven Spielberg comes the science fiction action adventure “Ready Player One,” based on Ernest Cline’s bestseller of the same name, which has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Ratings and reviews

3.65K reviews
Mike Young
July 29, 2018
I wanted to like it (especially at the expensive rental rate) but it was not to be. If I had not read the book I might of just thought it was ok. A story with a sort of rushed plot line, limited character development, light acting and over the top special effects. But since I had read the book it really wasn't very good. It went from a clever set of puzzles steeped in pop culture (in the book) to a rushed mess for the 3 keys with the first found by winning a race because (spoiler) he figured out to drive backwards. It jumped forward at a breakneck pace and spending (I assume) most of the budget on special effects and basically rewriting the book. So from "ready player one" we got "ready set go". 2 stars if you haven't read the book and 1 if you have. Just don't expect much of the dystopian world story or much pop culture that was so prominent in the book.
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Someone Youdontknow
November 29, 2018
I read the book. I was excited to watch a movie based on the book I fell in love with and read many times. The book made me feel immersed in this magical world of 80s pop culture and a sense of nostalgia for an era I wasn't even born in. So when I rented this movie I was excited to experience my favorite parts of the book. But within 10 minutes I realized I would be disappointed. If you liked the book then you wont like this. The story line is completely changed (spoilers ahead) things that were never even mentioned in the books are conjured up to shave off screen time. The movie spends a whole 45 minutes and 2 or 3 encounters building the relationship between Artemis and percival before we get the big "I'm in love with you" theres bo Aeches basement, infact the entire beginning of the book is absent.
Brian Bradshaw
March 31, 2018
It gets 1 star because the graphics were nice. If you like seeing a really well-thought out book turned into a two-hour explosion fest with some occasional problem-solving, this movie is for you. In hindsight, I think I would have enjoyed filing my taxes more than seeing this. The overarching plot was the same as the book, but that's where the similarity ends. All of the challenges were different. Interactions between characters were way different; the movie characters were un-relatable. And it all felt rushed, with very little character or plot development. Even when I stopped thinking about the book I couldn't follow the movie's plot line. If you are interested because it's "80's-centric", you'll also be disappointed. You get a few seconds of a couple 80's songs, some baggy jeans, and a handful of references. All in all, a big disappointment and a waste of money.
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