Rebirth Of Mothra (Subtitles)

2000 • 103 minutes
51 reviews
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About this movie

Mothra, one of Godzilla's longtime allies (and sometimes foe) gets her very own movie series in this, the first of a trilogy. When the three-headed Death Ghidorah, an even fiercer cousin of King Ghidorah, begins to destroy the forests of Japan, Mothra leaves her island paradise to help save them. © 1996 Toho Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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51 reviews
Paul Bauman
September 22, 2017
Been looking everywhere for the Japanese Mothra. Still waiting for the second one to be available in that language before I go to the trouble of spending money on this. Might as well ask Mom for this on blu ray for my birthday. She's a huge Mothra fan.
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angry Demon666
May 16, 2019
this dosent make anysense at all this basically a giant moth that are very friendly creatures and dosent make anysense at all the moth that theyve added too the movie was giant creature that has no harm at all the scenes dont make anysense at all killing a beatitfull could kill all the moths and we could no longer have any moths anymore this movie dosent make anysense at all
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Haji Mohammed Fawzy Haji Ibrahim
May 3, 2022
Whoever rate this movie one star it's your fault to think cuz this movie is very old and the people who work hard on it so be respectful to someone who created this movie and I love the movie because this is the original mothra character
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