Redemption of the Heart

2015 • 96 minutes
6 reviews
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About this movie

Alex is a lonely and broken man who has walked away from his Christian faith, but is unable to walk away from his past. A past filled with guilt for abandoning his parents when they needed him the most. Now his parents are deceased and in his eyes there’s no hope of forgiveness. Suffering from a heart disorder, Alex is in major debt from medical bills and is trying to make something of his life. He allows himself to be manipulated by shallow women and by his own friend Daniel, who suffers from a gambling addiction. Daniel always seems to pull Alex into his illegal get-rich-quick schemes. One of these schemes involves the two of them posing as missionaries and swindling churches out of thousands of dollars. In time, Alex finds himself living the good life, debt free and financially secure, but still empty inside and lonely. At one of the churches Alex is scamming, he meets Elaine, a sincere Christian woman, and they soon fall in love. Living a double life and with the FBI closing in on him, Alex will be faced with a choice that could cause him to lose the woman he loves and betray the only friend he has. Jacob, a wise Christian man, comes into Alex’s life and offers him a second choice. A choice to lose his life in order to gain a new one. Which ever choice Alex decides to make, each one comes with its own cost.

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6 reviews
Justin Etherton
August 4, 2015
I knew this movie was done on an extremely low budget with actors that I had never heard of and I am sure some with very little to no acting experience. So when I went to watch the movie I prepared to have to get "through" the movie. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised with the movie. I thought there were a few parts that were slow or could have been better. (I don't think I have seen a movie where that isn't true). Overall I felt the movie was great. I felt emotionally tied to Alex and telling him not to do those things. I felt that the actors did a good job and the narrative was very well done. I do really like how the move shows Gods redemptive love and still shows that we live in a world that isn't easy. I would recommend this movie. Well done!
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