River's End: California's Latest Water War

2021 • 81 minutes
2 reviews
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River's End reveals California's complex struggle over who gets fresh water, and how moneyed interests game the system. Constant battling over uncertain water supplies heralds an impending crisis-not just in California, but around the world.

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2 reviews
SalmonAID Foundation
November 21, 2021
River’s End is an excellent introduction to persistent water scarcity in California, as told by a wide-ranging group of actual experts on the topic. Featuring scientists, farmers, fishermen, environmental advocates, policy makers, lawmakers, and a poignant retelling of LA’s famous water grab, from a Native American perspective, River’s End reveals how the public’s water is controlled by big cities and agribusiness — and how small business owners, communities, and endangered species get left in the dust. California is presented as an example of growing conflicts over water from around the world. This is a serious education in a 1 hr 21 minute package — but the Director makes the material easy to understand, engaging, and beautiful to watch. HIGHLY recommended.
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November 7, 2021
Terrible 1 corrupt governer can destroy so many lives
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