2020 • 45 minutes
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Building 7 has been marred with controversy since it collapsed late in the afternoon on September 11th, 2001.
Now, almost twenty years after the fact, Dr. Leroy Hulsey from the University of Alaska Fairbanks has chipped in. His findings are the result of four years, hundreds of thousands of dollars and incalculable computer graphics hours.
Featuring interviews with engineers Roland Angle, Scott Grainger and Kamal Obeid, this documentary is a comprehensive look into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, narrated by the legendary actor Ed Asner.

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14 reviews
Barry Mead
January 25, 2021
For the debunkers, save your efforts, let us be honest the evidence from more than A&E shows the official story is a lie, NOT ONE debunker ever managed to on any scale replicate the collapses. Hulsey merely added the sprinkles on top, and better yet he has his work fully open to review, much as we used reports from USGCS RJLEE real world Physics, such as that used by David Chandler that caused bumbly Shyam to go from no ff occurred, to yes yes but here is why after already claiming it impossible. Fema app C, numerous firefighters, engineers,architects, first responders, NISTS own evidence-eg fire burn rates, its changing of measurements of beam width -AFTER foia requests revealed the measurements were different to what they claimed. The OS gets smashed six ways from sunday and debunkers to counter can be rude, dismissive and dodge and deny. I think i'll opt for the science over the bitter angry OS supporters who have neither read the 9/11 commission or every page of Nists work, nor the numerous papers on both sides, nor observed the imagery and models done by again, both sides. One side has logic, science, and facts, the other side has "I hate you twoofer" i think we can be glad this film has shown what it has. Any debunker with anything to say, go peer review Hulseys work, all his data input is there unlike NIST who pretend that if we know how they can prove their claims its dangerous-False, because as it stands we can legally rebuild all 3 buildings as was. And to bring them down, as per nist claims, we need a match and a 20 minute fire in one location (yes 20 minutes because they claimed it moved on from any given location) although Air temp would be relatively high, max temps (proven by NIST) for the twins were 300c and for 7 was 600c but NOT at the relevant beam which they claimed was probably 400c although they never tested even one beam from 7 so thanks for playing but you need some science not insults
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Dan Deeteeyem
January 2, 2021
Seriously, only a troll would say this documentary isn't conclusive proof of US involvement in the September 11 attacks. This is the final authority on building 7, get over it. It's thorough, open to peer review, open to the public.. Most of all it backs up what your effing eyes are telling you when that building came down. The cognitive dissonance required to deny the obvious here is astounding - I can only make sense of it if I imagine a spell was cast on otherwise rational minds that day.
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mick mccrohon
December 9, 2020
If you had even a single doubt about the "official Government Conspiracy Theory" created about the events of 911. And if you don't know about the third skyscraper that collapsed in NY on 911 WATCH THIS FILM. Your families well being depends on it.
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