Shaolin Mantis

1978 • 96 minutes
27 reviews
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About this movie

Liu Chia-liang is arguably the best martial arts film director of traditional style kung-fu action and was a pioneer in focusing on authentic martial arts techniques and training procedures in his films. This is the why stars in his movies looked more like kung-fu experts rather than actors simply going through the motions. So although David Chiang had starred in over 40 films as a martial arts hero, in Shaolin Mantis, where he plays a man who learns martial arts from a praying mantis then seeks revenge for his wife's death, the movie contains some of Chiang's best fight scenes ever. By casting his brothers Liu Chia-yung and Gordon Liu Chia-hui into the mix, Liu further ensures that the pugilistic mayhem will be even more outstanding.

Ratings and reviews

27 reviews
Tywilia Cherry
July 10, 2016
Fight scenes are awesome. I remember watching this movie for the first time on TV when I was 12.
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Kelli Thomas
April 11, 2018
Old schoo!!! I Luv this movie!
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Dontate Staley
April 2, 2016
Old school
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